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Live a better life.

Save money doing it.

Get saving.

We designed LIVING 2.0 Saveliterally—to save people money all over the place: we can cut your utility bills, get you deals on necessities and splurges, we’ve even got 3 different programs for cash back shopping.


That’s why we put save in the name. Click below to explore each program.

Lower Your Bills

You upload your bills. We lower your bills. We split the savings.

Smart Medication Manager

Resolve medication administration issues for seniors. Take the right amount at the right time.

0% Pay Day Loans + Instant Cash Back

Get access to your paycheck immediately - with no fee! Plus 3 more money saving benefits!

Get Paid To Exercise

Earn for every calorie you burn. Get paid to improve your health and fitness! Launch delayed due to COVID-19. Email us if you want to be a tester for the Android release.

Travel, Entertainment, and Dining Discounts

Guaranteed lowest price for Hotels + Resorts, plus dining, entertainment, + cash-back shopping.

Student Loan Debt Relief

Work with our specialists to reduce your loans up to 40%.

Shop Now, Pay Later

Shop millions of products and pay over time. Pay no interest (that's right, none).

Cash Back Mall

Shop at over 1,400 stores with cashback, special offers, + more!

See how much you can save.



+use your gym membership 1-2x a week


+go out 2-3x a week


+online shop at work sometimes


+yearly vacation, plus the occasional weekend away


+2 overdraft fees a month

+married couple


+2 grade-school kids


+$45,000 in student loans


+get some exercise like 1-2x a week


+takeout 3-4x every week


+always running to the store


+holiday travel, some business travel





+vacation home


+2 kids with student loans (daughter’s PhD, son’s DDS)


+get some exercise like 3-4x a week


+2 or 3 vacations a year, plus a few long weekends away


+always looking to cut down on health care costs


+dinner and a movie on the weekend, takeout 1-2x a week