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About Us

Dan Gallo – Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A start-up veteran, Dan launched Mentor®, a just-in-time knowledge application with 55+ million international users, his consulting efforts include leading company turn-arounds, and he was hired as small business expert for IBM & 15 other Fortune 100 companies. He also has 25 years of serving on non-profit boards as well as missions work serving families and children from New York City and Connecticut to Belize, Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, & Zambia.

Gary Krane Ph.D. – Co-Founder and Chief Psychologist

Gary Krane, Ph.D. (Ed. Psychology), is a successful non-profit social venture entrepreneur, producer of numerous PBS broadcasts, investigative journalist, author of Simple Fun for Busy People, with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from UC Berkley, and a Masters of Education from Harvard University.

Greg White –  Chief Technology Officer

Greg has over 3 decades of leading teams deploying advanced technology, including mobile, machine learning, and AI.